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Tommy Gun’s Garage  Audience Interactive Dinner Theatre was originally opened by a Chicago Policeman (Robert Sanfratello) and his Son (Bobby Jr.) in August of 1987. It had about 100 items on the menu when it opened. The very first show took about 3 hours to get the food out so the menu was trimmed down to make things run smoother and faster.

Sandy Mangen, with the help of some friends, bought Tommy Gun’s Garage Dinner Show in February of 1989.  She was one of the original cast members from 1987.  Sandy also did the Sales and Marketing for Tommy Gun’s Garage in 1987.

In 2004 Tommy Gun’s Garage Dinner Theater relocated from State & Roosevelt to its current location at 2114 S Wabash Ave., Chicago, Il 60616.  It still has the same garage feel.  The only real difference is that the ceilings are higher and it seats 200 people instead of 150.

After 30 years in business, Tommy Gun’s Garage Dinner Theater is the longest running Dinner Show in Chicago. The show is appropriate for any age group. We entertain grade schools, high schools, senior citizens, corporate and convention groups.  It is also fun for everyone.  We can even semi-customize the show for corporate & convention events.  Tommy Gun’s gets visitors from all over the world.  When you walk into Tommy Gun’s you will be transported back to Chicago’s Roaring Twenties complete with Da Boss’s 1928 Ford Model A Car, a replica of da St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall, and pictures and memorabilia from the 1920’s.

Every Valentine’s Week, Tommy Gun’s Garage does an Historical Re-enactment of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  We started this as our anniversary tradition on Valentine’s Day.  It grew so popular that we had to keep adding shows.  We now do it Thursday thru Sunday of Valentine’s Week.




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